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NameCheap Review/ Pros & Cons 2018

NameCheap Review/ Pros & Cons 2018

Faster than godaddy , InMotion or DreamHost ? Let’s find out

What is NameCheap?(NameCheap Review)

NameCheap is a іndереndеnt (і.е., nоt оwnеd bу а significant holding corporation) that an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar founded in 2000. In addition to domain registration, they offer a spectrum of hosting services.(NameCheap Review)

NameCheap also provides email, site builder, SSLs, and services with 24-hour support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Моst реорlе knоw оf Νаmесhеар аs а dоmаіn rеgіstrаtіоn аnd mаnаgеmеnt support, but they also provide web hosting services. Founded in 2000, Namecheap started by offering domains and customer service. They have more than 3 million clients and handle over 7 million domain names today.

(NameCheap Review)

Along with domains and complete web hosting packages, Namecheap sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more. Because Namecheap believes that an Internet presence for all is a necessity, they provide access.

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Namecheap s hosting plans offer reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you will need to build a site, it is easy to do this using one of Namecheap s many site building apps. In case you have an existing site, Namecheap will move it for you.

NameCheap is an independent hosting company. That is a rarity in a world in which a handful of corporations own nearly all hosting brands.

Being independent & private is not necessarily a good thing, and being owned by a corporation is not a bad thing.

But where NameCheap excels as an independent company is defining their new values and choosing transparency in a sector.

Pros of Using NameCheap Hosting

(NameCheap Review)

Here are the experts (benefits) for considering NameCheap Hosting. Are a lot of NameCheap Hosting reviews online with user-generated reviews based on anecdotes and personal experience? That s fine, but I take a different approach. As I ‘ve said in hosting reviews, there’s absolutely no such thing as a web host. The best is the ideal match for your project based on your goals, budget, experience & expertise.

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1. Pricing :

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

NameCheap s primary benefit.

But cheap is not necessarily the same good price. We have to see how hosting pricing is structured to figure that out.

Web hosting companies are selling a home for your site to the same thing but they all have different plans with different bonuses unique caps and different renewal prices. For many, a breakdown is required by figuring out their true value.

To compare  apples to apples, I break things down into Core hosting features and Bonus hosting features.

Core hosting features are three domain names, databases, and disk space. When someone types in your domain name the goal of a server is to serve site files.

Domains are how many domain names you can point to your hosting account. If you want several websites, you ll want to have several domains allowed. You will also need to consider email addresses per domain sometimes those are capped as well.
Databases are how many pieces of website software you can run on your server. A WordPress install requires one database. If you have any apps, Listservs, etc. you ‘ll need more.

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Disk space is how many files you can put on your server images, text, PDFs, etc..
Other features could include anything from site builder software to advertising credits to backend software, etc..

You can compare apples to apples and get a sense of worth based on what you require when you break it down.

NameCheap Packages:

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

2. Different Datacenters :

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

NameCheap has datacenters hosted in US as well as UK. When you buy your package with NameCheap, it offers you the option to choose US / UK data centers.

3. Mobile Apps :


4. Backups :

We all put in a lot of time to build our websites. But all it takes is, one wrong step to lose all our data. It is quite important that your website hosting offers data backups as a part of the hosting services.

While you should also keep backups of your website, it does not hurt to have your web host back up your websites for you.

NameCheap offers twice a week backups on their basic plans, and daily backups on their advanced plans.

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

5. Uptime Guarantee :

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

During the course of my entire project, what impressed me was, Namecheap’s servers did not go down even once for a second. Namecheap offers a 100% uptime guarantee for it’s shared server hosting.

6. Free SSH Access :

Although this is limited, it is a great feature offered by Namecheap. Compare this to other hosting providers, who charge anywhere from 5$ to 15$ for such services, Namecheap’s free offering stands out here.

To activate this, just create a support ticket, and their support team will enable it for you.

7. Security :

All Namecheap purchases come with one free year of WhoisGuard, that protect your personal information from being leaked out to spammers.

What they do is, replace your email by an unique

xyz.protect@whoisguard.com email address.

Still Namecheap ensures that relevant information is sent to your email.

They have an inbuilt virus scanner that scans your websites for any malicious files and alerts you once it has removed them.

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Namecheap handles a lot of small things technically, like hotlink protection and leech protect – both of which protect your websites from hackers.

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

In terms of security, Namecheap offers a range of services free of cost, whereas other providers do this for a bonus payment.

8. PHP and other apps Support :

This means you can build secure and up-to-date apps with PHP and deploy it on Namecheap. I also noticed that they offer a customisable php.ini file, which is something no web hosting provider offers.

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

This is not only limited to versions of PHP. Namecheap also runs the latest version of Apache servers and MySQL / PHPMyAdmin

If you are looking to deploy other apps, it offers a whole range of apps via it’s quick installer, all of which is free of cost.

9. Clutter Free interface :

NameCheap Review

NameCheap Review

One thing I have noticed with Namecheap is their backend interface is very clean and easy to use.

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Cons of using  Namecheap hosting:(NameCheap Review)

1. Limited Support Options

2. No Unlimited Bandwidth

3. No Support for LetsEncrypt – Free SSL certificates

Bottom line about NameCheap Hosting:(NameCheap Review)

What makes Namecheap stand out is it’s clutter free interface along with technical features being provided free of cost.

Namecheap also guarantees that they will never lock you in with any of their products. According to their hosting guarantee – “You can subscribe, modify or cancel any service you have with us at any time, without penalty”.

That said, Namecheap has to be commended for it’s transparency, in an industry which is often sneaky about their tactics.

If you are in the market to host a web app or your websites, Namecheap’s shared hosting planseems to be a good deal.

However, be wary of performance issues on shared servers, as understandably resources are being used by other customers as well.

For better performance, I would always suggest moving on to their premium plans or dedicated servers.

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